Quick, Efficient Scheduling of Care Visits and Support

Creating even the most complex staff rosters should be something that takes a few minutes each week. CareForIT uses powerful automated tools to make light work of staff rosters and visit scheduling.

The tools not only save you time, they also ensure the following:

  • Maximum continuity of care.
  • Only suitably qualified and trained staff are assigned to specific appointments.
  • Travel distance and time are minimised and automatically built into the schedule.
  • Care workers are automatically notified of their schedule and route, and can update future availability online.
  • Minimal late or missed care visits.

Balancing all of these requirements means processing a lot of information to come up with the optimum schedule. This is why it takes a person so long to do it manually or using outdated systems and spreadsheets.

It’s exactly the kind of task that modern IT systems are excellent at. So let our software take care of your staff rosters while you get on with something more productive.

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