Generate Custom Reports with Ease

Care commissioners, the CQC, local authorities, all require different types of information, presented just the way they need it. You also need detailed performance data for internal review and management reporting.

Without intelligent systems you can find yourself drowning in an ocean of data entry, manipulation and interpretation.

At Webformed we have a simple philosophy:

  • Data should only ever be entered once.
  • Extracting exactly the information you need and presenting it as your audience (including the CQC) demands should need next to no effort.
  • Your management system should alert you to possible issues with your service delivery instantly and automatically.

The smart reporting tools in CareForIT put the information you need at your fingertips with minimal effort. You can then devote more time and energy to making improvements based on the insights you gain.

If creating reports seems more like a burden than an essential management tool, it’s time to talk to Webformed.

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Organisations Working With Webformed



"We value having information at our fingertips, wherever our employees are located. Removing countless spreadsheets and replacing it with one unified source of all our information. And being able to ‘search’ our data to instantly find what you are looking for. Previously we would have needed to know exactly where to look to find something."

Dominic Spayne, Head of Business and Finance, Shared Lives SW

"I have full confidence in the system as it alerts me when a carer is late, any doubled up calls, or when a carer has not arrived. I find the system very flexible; it is tailored to the company needs and requirements, I would highly recommend using care for IT."

Kamaljit Kaur, Registered Manager, Desired Care 4U

"I can instantly access any data I need, wherever I am. And the software is so easy to use that we have much more time to proactively improve standards of care and review how we’re performing. The cloud technology means that all care plans and service delivery records are updated instantly. And roster planning is done in a few minutes. We might still have become outstanding without CareForIt, but it would certainly have been much harder."

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