Supported Living

Supported living can be complex. The needs of service users are highly diverse and the care has to be responsive to individual goals and progress.  CareForIt uses intelligent online forms to help you schedule care visits efficiently and simplify record keeping and progress tracking.

Here’s why CareForIt is such a powerful support system for supported living providers:

  • Online care planning and reviews create a centralised record of progress.
  • Track outcomes and service user goals via smart online forms.
  • Online activity planning.
  • Daily logs track progress and highlight potential concerns.
  • Online dynamic visit scheduling – adapt the support to match service user goals and progress.
  • Easy to use, powerful rostering tools.
  • Online incident forms for efficient information sharing and follow-up.

Secure mobile technology lets you access and update information anywhere. And we make the transition to online working simple. We take your existing forms and convert them to smart online forms that work on any device.

Measuring Outcomes

Demonstrating value for money in delivering supported living services is closely linked to measuring outcomes. CareForIT provides a common platform for agreeing and monitoring outcomes in a consistent way.

Manage your provision efficiently and support your service users in their journey towards greater independence and measurable outcomes. 

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Features to Enhance your Business


Online MAR Charts


GP & Family Portal


Comprehensive Dynamic Reports


Automatic Mileage Calculations


Electronic Call Monitoring


Secure Cloud Based System


Invoice & Care Plan Templates


24/7 Support Centre



"We value having information at our fingertips, wherever our employees are located. Removing countless spreadsheets and replacing it with one unified source of all our information. And being able to ‘search’ our data to instantly find what you are looking for. Previously we would have needed to know exactly where to look to find something."

Dominic Spayne, Head of Business and Finance, Shared Lives SW

"I have full confidence in the system as it alerts me when a carer is late, any doubled up calls, or when a carer has not arrived. I find the system very flexible; it is tailored to the company needs and requirements, I would highly recommend using care for IT."

Kamaljit Kaur, Registered Manager, Desired Care 4U

"I can instantly access any data I need, wherever I am. And the software is so easy to use that we have much more time to proactively improve standards of care and review how we’re performing. The cloud technology means that all care plans and service delivery records are updated instantly. And roster planning is done in a few minutes. We might still have become outstanding without CareForIt, but it would certainly have been much harder."

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