If You Had to find Home Care for 200 People Tomorrow, How Would You Do It?

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It seems like a normal day. Nothing unusual planned and then BANG! The news hits. One of the biggest domiciliary care providers in your area has suddenly stopped trading.

What’s the first priority? What will the rest of that day look like? Or the coming days?

The immediate concern: reassure service users and their families. You need to show you are on top of events. They will want comforting news. ‘Normal service’ will be resumed as soon as possible.

How realistic is that?

Hundreds of care packages to be reallocated to new care providers. Can we easily identify exactly which care packages the provider was delivering?

Do we have a contingency plan? Have we tested it? How does the process work? Phone calls. An email avalanche. Checking off care packages on spreadsheets as they are filled. And all the time having to field calls from anxious service users, relatives, press and elected members.

Your brokerage team will respond heroically, you know that. But could events simply overwhelm them?

Many brokerage systems already struggle to cope with routine business. Have you ever played out how they would handle a shock such as the loss of a major home care provider?

In Control of Events

Efficient eBrokerage isn’t going to make all of the problems disappear. But it will put the reallocation of care packages into an automated environment, where everything can be brokered and tracked with a minimum of manual input.

If the care packages were placed through eBbrokerage all of the details are there. You can instantly identify the packages that have to be re-brokered and quickly identify those with the highest priority.

When people are shouting for a status update, the information you need is there instantly. You can be less reactive and more in control of events.

Even if the worst never happens, eBrokerage will take a lot of manual effort out brokering care packages and tracking compliance. This frees up resources to work more closely with providers to improve their quality and viability.

It could also give you more resources to invest in front line delivery, reducing the chances that you could suddenly find yourself without one of your major providers.

To find out how CareForIT eBrokerage could help you cope with a crisis, or just place care packages more efficiently, contact us on 01626 798 890.

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