Should you Expect your Care Management System to Always be Compliant?

GDPR social care software

Social care has always been heavily regulated, and rightly so. We are, after all, caring for some of the most vulnerable people in society. Changes to the law and new CQC regulations come along all the time. As a care provider, you don’t get to choose whether or not to comply.

GDPR is the latest requirement that social care providers have to cope with. GDPR affects all organisations that hold data about individuals. But the nature of the data a care provider holds makes it highly likely that the Information Commissioner will interpret GDPR regulations strictly within the care sector. It would be a big risk to ignore it.

Managing Change

Right from the start, when we designed CareForIT we knew that changing compliance requirements and regulations were a fact of life in the social care sector. We didn’t think it was fair to expect our customers to pay additional fees or systems costs every time regulations such as GDPR – that are essentially outside of their control – come along.

We thought our customers would, quite reasonably, expect their system provider to be on top of events. They would expect their care management system to be something they could continue to use with confidence as regulations evolved.

GDPR, Social Care and Compliance

That’s why we designed the software to be flexible and as easy to modify as we could make it. So when GDPR came along, we were able to incorporate any changes to our database and online forms to ensure compliance within our routine system upgrades. We wouldn’t have dreamed of charging our customers additional fees to comply with such a fundamental business requirement.

As your software partner, we see it as part of our job to understand coming regulations that will affect how you do business, and ensure that CareForIT is ready and able to keep you working in a fully compliant way.

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