Why our Groundbreaking App Comes with a Warning

care software mobile app

The CareForIT offline app is here! Why did the launch come with a warning? Quite simply, the app challenges everything you thought could be done by an offline care app.
Now, even when there’s no mobile data or WiFi signal, CareForIT users can:

GPS tracking simplifies call monitoring and allows you to always know where your valuable care worker resources are located.

The app automatically synchronises with the CareForIT database as soon as the phone connects to a data signal.

Both Android and iOS versions are available.

And the groundbreaking part? It’s simply this: the care software offline app puts the UK’s most advanced care management tools into your care workers’ hands – even when there’s no mobile coverage.

Arrange a demo and see it for yourself. Contact the CareForIT sales team on 01626 798 890.

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