Sustainable Homecare – How North Devon Reduced Unfilled Care Packages by More than 90%

sustainable care commissioning

Back in 2015 the domiciliary care marketplace in North Devon reflected a typical national picture. The contracting framework was producing a race to the bottom in terms of pricing. The numbers of refusals and unfilled care packages were increasing. The lack of sustainable pricing caused…

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What Else do we Need to Know About the State of Home Care?

CQC Sate of Care

  The CQC recently published the annual State of Care Report 2017 looking at the status, progress and ongoing challenges for Health & Social Care provision. Across Adult Social Care CQC noted the continuing risk of a ‘tipping point’. This is where service deterioration outpaces…

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What Would you do if you Weren’t on the Phone all Day?

home care eBrokerage

Only people can deliver care. Only people can evaluate the effectiveness of care. Only people can strategically plan the care needs of a local population. With limited social care budgets, the emphasis should be on directing as much human effort as possible into these, and…

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To be Sustainable, Home Care Needs to Make a Living

Sustainability of home care providers is self-evidently a good thing, particularly if we want excellent continuity and quality of care. The Central and local government, commissioning bodies and the CQC, CSSIW and Care Inspectorate all seek to create a sustainable marketplace for home care providers….

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The Cost of a Data Security Breach? Possibly your Business. Welcome to GDPR.

GDPR and the care sector

You might not have May 25, 2018 marked in your diary as a significant date. But maybe you should. That is the date when the various implementations of data protection regulations around the EU will be replaced by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The…

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