Should you Expect your Care Management System to Always be Compliant?

Social care has always been heavily regulated, and rightly so. We are, after all, caring for some of the most vulnerable people in society. Changes to the law and new CQC regulations come along all the time. As a care provider, you don’t get to…

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Nobody Cares More About the Security of your Data than We Do

care user data security

Data security should be one of the biggest concerns of any organisation in the care sector. It certainly drives our business. The very nature of social care work means that personal data, often of highly vulnerable people, needs to be managed and safeguarded. When we…

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‘Fix What We Can Fix’ – A Way Forward for Social Care Commissioning

social care commissioning

We now have a Department of Health AND Social Care. Other than the name, what, if anything, has changed? On one level you could say ‘not much.’ The department already had policy responsibility for social care. The Department of Communities and Local Government retains funding…

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Cures for the Fragmented Care of Older People

system reviews health and care services

The first six ‘System Reviews’ of health and care services for older people were recently published by the CQC. They reveal a picture of some progress, but still too much fragmentation. The fragmentation leads to familiar issues: delayed transfer of care and older people not…

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Sustainable Homecare – How North Devon Reduced Unfilled Care Packages by More than 90%

sustainable care commissioning

Back in 2015 the domiciliary care marketplace in North Devon reflected a typical national picture. The contracting framework was producing a race to the bottom in terms of pricing. The numbers of refusals and unfilled care packages were increasing. The lack of sustainable pricing caused…

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