Is it Fair to Accuse Councils of Buying Social Care on the Cheap?

social care funding

A recent article on the BBC website highlighted the low rates that many local authorities pay for domiciliary care. It also claimed that care visits are sometimes shortened to save costs. The BBC chose a rather emotive title for the piece ‘Buying Care on the Cheap.’…

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Why our Groundbreaking App Comes with a Warning

care software mobile app

The CareForIT offline app is here! Why did the launch come with a warning? Quite simply, the app challenges everything you thought could be done by an offline care app. Now, even when there’s no mobile data or WiFi signal, CareForIT users can: See visits…

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If You Had to find Home Care for 200 People Tomorrow, How Would You Do It?

home care commisioning

It seems like a normal day. Nothing unusual planned and then BANG! The news hits. One of the biggest domiciliary care providers in your area has suddenly stopped trading. What’s the first priority? What will the rest of that day look like? Or the coming…

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Should you Expect your Care Management System to Always be Compliant?

Social care has always been heavily regulated, and rightly so. We are, after all, caring for some of the most vulnerable people in society. Changes to the law and new CQC regulations come along all the time. As a care provider, you don’t get to…

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Nobody Cares More About the Security of your Data than We Do

care user data security

Data security should be one of the biggest concerns of any organisation in the care sector. It certainly drives our business. The very nature of social care work means that personal data, often of highly vulnerable people, needs to be managed and safeguarded. When we…

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